Healing Children LLC – Helping adults help all children to be emotionally healthy and happy.

What are past participants saying about Healing Children LLC

“Now, when I get out of my car I grab my bag and say, “you got this!” Thank you!!!! I love your research mindset and care of students and staff. I feel uplifted. I am a GOOD teacher and I can state the truth about kids in a kind way to parents and administrators."

“I think every educator, including administrators, should be required to take this course as part of their certification requirements."

“Every year I seem to get more behavioral problems than before and I was finding myself not knowing what to do and becoming frustrated with myself as well as the child. I now feel as if I can continue with my career in teaching because I was beginning to feel defeated. I now have strategies to try, several people in my school that I go to and have discussions about what is working and what is not working and a deeper understanding of these children coming into my classroom. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!"

Meet Leena Weaver

She loves working with children who have severe emotional and behavioral difficulties and seeing their growth.

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Meet Traci Glover

She loves helping children face their critical issues and seeing them grow and become more confident.

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