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At the end of the school year, we often reflect on how we did. Sometimes there is a little seed of doubt planted in our

Manage Parent Concerns

Parents are often upset or come to us with concerns. It is important to remain calm and non-defensive when this happens. It’s often best to

Is Attention a Need or a Want?

We all love getting attention or being noticed in some way. At Healing Children, we recognize that receiving attention is a human need. We all

Healthy Compliance

One thing that interferes with setting boundaries is our views and history with authority and obedience.​ ​Think about your personal feelings with authority and how

Waiting it Out Versus Power Struggle

What is the difference between waiting out a student’s misbehavior versus getting into a power struggle?    Power Struggle The mindset of a power struggle

Is Healing Children Trauma-Informed?

Is Healing Children trauma-informed? People often ask if Healing Children, LLC is trauma-informed. The simple answer is yes. We have been studying the impact of

Involving Parents

Calling parents to inform them about their child’s progress or behavior can be uncomfortable. We often do everything we can to avoid having these types